How Do You Prevent Cyberbullying?


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To prevent cyberbullying, monitor what your children do online and give them rules for using technology. If your child is being cyberbullied, listen to him about it, and involve him when you decide how to respond.

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How Do You Prevent Cyberbullying?
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Keep track of the sites your children visit and their friends on these sites. You can ask them what they're doing online, use a monitoring program or become friends with them on social media sites. Ask them to notify you if they or anyone they know is involved in cyberbullying. Tell them that they aren't going to lose any privileges for telling you, as this encourages them to be honest.

Rules for technology should include the sites children can visit and the content they share. Explain to them what they should avoid sharing so they don't hurt others or embarrass themselves.

When a child is being cyberbullied, he typically wants to know that someone cares about him. Show him you care by listening to him, but keep in mind that you are only getting his side of the story. Ask for his input when coming up with a solution to the problem, so he feels involved in the process. Possible options include notifying his school, encouraging the child to stand up for himself or having him ignore the bully. Solutions vary based on the parent, child and the extent of the bullying.

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