How Does a Preschool Implement Flexible Plans?


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A preschool can implement flexible plans with the help of parents and educators. The family must fully cooperate with the child's preschool in order for flexible learning plans to be most effective.

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According to the Childcare Educational Institute, "Curriculum should be designed to allow for flexibility in modifying activities to meet the individual learning styles, abilities and interests of each child." Students were given a series of tests and evaluations to determine their mental, social and emotional status. From this information, a preschool can create and implement a flexible, individualized learning plan to foster greater learning in preschool. Some schools allow preschool students to attend school for a limited time per week, but the school still requires children to meet hourly instructional requirements. A teacher may recommend a more rigorous educational schedule to help a child who has issues in the classroom, but the family is expected to continue healthy educational routines and exercises at home.

Students within a classroom may be broken into groups to make it easier for classroom facilitators to assist students on a similar level, and a single classroom can have two or three teachers instructing students at the same time. In the digital age, teachers also implement more flexible learning plans in the classroom by allowing preschoolers to use computer learning programs. Children who are at risk for developing different cognitive disorders or behavioral problems must receive flexible plans to help the child overcome his or her challenges at a comfortable pace. Gifted and talented preschoolers may be placed in a different classroom altogether to receive special instruction when needed.

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