How do you potty train in three days?


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You can potty train in three days using an approach based on Julie Fellom's Diaper Free Toddlers program. Essentially, children go diaper and underwear free for three days while intermittently trying the toilet with encouragement and help.

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With Fellom's approach, give the toddler food and drinks that make him have to urinate more frequently, such as foods with a high liquid or salt content. On the first day, Fellom recommends the toddler go naked below the waist. As accidents happen, use them as a way to explain that fecal matter and urine should go in the commode. Be sure to celebrate your child's success with praise, high-fives or a dance.

Day two of Fellom's Diaper Free Toddlers Program includes an hour of outside activity with loose fitting clothes. Make sure the child uses the commode first. Day three is the same, except that it includes two separate hour-long excursions from the home: one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Again, wait until after the child uses the bathroom, and then leave immediately. This helps train your child to use the commode before leaving the house.

Be sure to take spare clothes with you while potty training, just in case. No matter what method of potty training is chosen, waiting for signs that the child is ready helps the process. Some signs to look for are disliking a wet or soiled diaper, knowing the words for urine and feces, staying dry for up to two hours at a time, asking to use the bathroom or showing an interest in going on the toilet, anticipating when he needs to use the restroom.

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