How Do You Potty Train a Boy?

How Do You Potty Train a Boy?

You need a potty seat, a spare potty for the car, several rewards or incentives for the child, diapers or pull-ups, and rags and cleaning supplies for accidents to potty train a boy. Potty training a boy is no different from training a girl, except for teaching the child to use the potty standing up. Some parents wait until the child is older to try this, especially if they do not have a portable potty.

  1. Establish a schedule

    Start as soon as possible in the morning. Let the child go about his schedule as usual, but put him on the potty at 15-minute intervals. Parenting Magazine recommends starting on day one with two potty-training sessions. Then, build up to an all-day session on day three. If you need to go out, make sure you have access to public restrooms or have a portable potty chair available.

  2. Provide water, juice and snacks

    Give your child water and juice throughout the day so that he is more likely to use the potty. Have salty snacks available to contribute to making the child more thirsty.

  3. Give him rewards

    Commend the child every time he uses the potty. Verbal incentives build the child's enthusiasm for using the potty. Stickers, small toys and candy are other incentives you can give your child every time he uses the potty. Express mild disappointment when the child has a toilet-training accident, but never berate the child.