Is It Possible to Adopt for Free in Florida?


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It is free to adopt a child in the state of Florida if the child has been placed with the Florida Department of Families and Children as a foster child, and if the adopting family can't afford the minimal associated court costs and fees. In addition, the parenting classes and home study that are required are also free.

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In addition to a free adoption, adoptive families of foster children may also qualify for a monthly adoption subsidy funded by the federal government under Title IV-E or by the state. To qualify for the subsidy, the child must be classified as special needs or otherwise have a barrier to adoption, such as being an older child or being adopted with a sibling group. Children who qualify for the stipend also receive free health care through Medicaid until they reach the age of either 18 or 21. They are also eligible for up to four years of free tuition at any Florida state university, community college or vocational school; some private institutions in Florida also offer free tuition to those who were adopted out of foster care.

Private adoptions can cost $30,000 or more as of 2015, but for many adoptive families, the emotional rewards of adopting a foster child far outweigh the expenses.

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