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As og 2015, the most popular surnames in the United States are Smith, Johnson and Williams, according to Mongabay.com. The Surname Smith tops the list. This name is used by 2,376,206 people and occurs 880 times in every 100,000 people.

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The second name in this list is Johnson. This surname is used by 1,857,160 people and occurs 688 times in every 100,000 people. The third name in the list is William. It is used by 1,534,042 people in the United States and occurs 568 times in every 100,000 people. Other popular surnames in this list are Jones, Brown, Miller, Davis and Garcia. Rodriguez and Wilson also top the list.

The name Smith originates from England. In addition to being the most popular surname in the United States, this surname is also prevalent in the United Kingdom and Australia. It is the second most popular surname in Canada and the fifth most common surname in Ireland. The name is prevalent among those of English, Scottish and Irish descent. It is also prevalent among African Americans, originating in the slave days when the slaves were forced to adopt the names of their masters.

The name Johnson is a surname of English origins while, Williams is a name of old Germanic origins. Williams became a popular name after the Norman conquest of England.

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