What Are Some Popular Research Papers on Bullying?


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One of the most popular research articles on bullying is "Bullying Behaviors Among U.S. Youth," conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Another popular paper, conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota, is "A Longitudinal Study of Bullying, Dominance, and Victimization During the Transition from Primary School Through Secondary School."

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The first paper provided one of the most comprehensive early studies of bullying among middle school students. The study, performed by Dr. Tonja Nansel and her research team, sampled 15,686 students. The students were enrolled in grades six through 10 at public and private schools throughout the U.S.

Study results showed that in 2001, 30 percent of student participants were involved in moderate or frequent incidences of bullying. Of these, 13 percent reported being the bully, 10.6 percent reported being bullied and 6.3 percent reported being both the victim and the aggressor. Moreover, both the bullies and those being bullied showed poorer psychosocial adjustment, such as, increased fighting, alcohol use and loneliness.

The longitudinal study performed by Dr. Jeffrey Long and Dr. A.D. Pellegrini followed fifth grade students as they transitioned from elementary through middle school. The researchers studied the relationships of boys and girls enrolled in rural school systems in North America over three years.

Research results showed that incidences of bullying and aggression increased when students began middle school and fell off as students matriculated. Results further showed that a student's friendships and social network offered protection against victimization.

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