What Are Some Popular Boy's Names?


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Noah, Liam and Mason are the three most popular names for boys in 2014, as reported by the Social Security Administration. Other popular names include William, Matthew, Ethan and Alexander.

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Popular names for boys vary from traditional names such as Michael and James to more eclectic names such as Asher and Declan. Classic names are often spelled in new ways; for example, some parents choose to spell Michael as Mykel or Cameron as Kamrynn. Both names make use of a trend that uses the letter Y in place of other vowels. Another trend among new parents for naming their children is to use the name of a favorite character from popular culture. Silas, Christian, Knox and Ryker are names that have roots in different pop culture icons, and also gained popularity in 2014.

Prior to 2013, Jacob was the most popular name for a boy for 14 years. In both 2013 and 2014, Noah was the most popular name, with Liam coming in second. Michael also is a popular name, with more than 250,000 children being named Michael between 2001-2009. William is a popular name as well, especially in the southern states such as Georgia, Mississippi and Virginia, where it was the most popular name in 2014.

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