How Do You Plan a Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout Meeting?

How Do You Plan a Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout Meeting?

Because Daisies and Brownies are the youngest members of the Girl Scouts, ranging from kindergarteners to third graders, they have short attention spans. Therefore, planning a Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout meeting involves breaking the time into short units that will keep the girls occupied without straining their ability to sit still.

  1. Plan your opening activities

    Have a small activity ready for the girls to do as they arrive. Set out a simple craft that helps them to focus their attention and prepare for the meeting. Once all the girls have arrived, open the official meeting. The opening should include reciting the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Laws, saluting the flag, explaining what will happen during the meeting and making announcements about future Daisy or Brownie troop plans.

  2. Assign tasks to the girls

    Divide the troop into patrols, each of which is responsible for a given task each week. One patrol might be in charge of the flag salute and recitation of the promise and laws, while another might be responsible for setting up snacks.

  3. Engage in activities

    Choose a different Try-It to work on at each meeting. Plan activities that help accomplish the requirements for that Try-It. This provides a focus around which you can design one or more meetings and a sense of accomplishment for the girls when they receive their Try-It badge. Activities can include crafts, games and songs.

  4. Finish with snacks

    Provide healthy snacks for the Daisy or Brownie troop. Let the girls enjoy this time of socializing together. Have the girls take responsibility for their own cleanup after the snack. Finish the meeting with a closing circle.