What Are Some Phrases of Love for a Parent to Tell a Daughter?

phrases-love-parent-tell-daughter Credit: MoMo Productions/Stone/Getty Images

There are many phrases of love for parents to tell daughters, including quotes focusing on the nature of mother and daughter relationships and how that bond evolves over time. Each quote is intended to help strengthen bonds of honesty and love between mother and daughter.

One phrase of love for mothers to share with daughters to emphasize their relationship is, "A Daughter is only a little girl who grows up to become your best friend." Another phrase of love that emphasizes the continuous amazement of mothers towards their daughters is, "Daughters are miracles that never stop being miraculous."

One short and sweet phrase of love from mothers to daughters is, "The love between mothers and daughters lasts forever." A similarly short and sweet quote is, "A mother?s love for her child isn't like anything else in the world." Another short sentiment highlights the hopes a mother has for her daughter's future: "I desire my children to go further than I have."

Some phrases of love from mothers to daughters outline the difference between liking and loving a person, such as, "I will not always like who you are, but I will still always love you. You'll always be my child." Another quote also emphasizes that love is a constant even when other things change: "Daughters may outgrow your lap, but they'll never outgrow your heart."