How Do You Perform CPR on Infants and Children?


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To perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a child, first place the child on her back. Perform 30 chest compressions by placing the heel of your hand on the child’s breastbone and compressing her chest to about a third the depth of the chest. Tilt the child’s head backwards to clear her airway, and check for signs of breathing. If she is not breathing, give her two rescue breaths before continuing CPR, followed by two breaths for two minutes, explains MedlinePlus.

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Before performing CPR, keep the child's head tilted back by placing one hand on her forehead. Press down on her chest with the other hand and perform 30 fast and hard compressions, letting the chest rise completely each time, states MedlinePlus.

Open the child’s airway by lifting her chin with one hand and gently pushing the forehead backwards to tilt her head. Check for breathing by looking, listening or feeling with your cheek. In the event that the child does not respond, cover her mouth with yours, pinch her nostrils and, with the head tilted backwards, give two quick rescue breaths. If the child is still unresponsive after two minutes of CPR, call 911, advises MedlinePlus. To remember the order in which to perform CPR, use the acronym CAB, which denotes compressions, airway and breathing, suggests Mayo Clinic.

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