What Part-Time Jobs Can a 14-Year-Old Legally Have?

What Part-Time Jobs Can a 14-Year-Old Legally Have?

Some of the part-time jobs that a 14-year-old may legally be employed include computer programming, tutoring, dispensing gasoline and tidying people's yards. They can also work in retail environments and generally all intellectual or creative fields are permitted.

Intellectual and creative jobs, besides tutoring and computer programming, include the performing arts. It is also permitted for 14-year-olds to be employed in running errands or delivering items, either on foot or by bicycle. Long-distance deliveries may be undertaken by public transport.

Although yard work is permitted, the use of power tools, such as lawnmowers, is prohibited for 14-year-olds. Similarly, while 14-year-olds are legally allowed to work around vehicles, jobs are limited to nonmechanical tasks, such as washing or polishing cars by hand.

It is permissible for 14-year-olds to work in food services and kitchen environments as well, but only in the capacity of dish washing, cleaning produce, reheating food and other limited tasks related to cooking.

Part-time jobs for 14-year-olds are restricted to 18 hours per week while school is in sessionand 40 hours per week during school holidays. No more than 3 hours may be worked on any school day, and no more than 8 hours may be worked on any nonschool day.