What Is Part-Time Daycare?


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Part-time day care is child care only provided for part of the typical working day. Many families prefer part-time day care for their children because a parent is available for child care or the children are in school during part of the day. In addition, some part-time day care provides care for families with parents who work non-traditional hours.

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Many families prefer part-time day care to full-time, and some seek day care for weekend hours. Sometimes stay-at-home moms or dads work in self-employed or work-at-home jobs and require part-time child care to make it possible to concentrate on work at home. In other families, parents may work from home and require part-time day care to be able to meet with customers. Part-time day care can also include summer camps run during the summer when school is out of session.

A part-time day care business should ascertain which hours are most likely to provide the care needed by possible clients. Valuable hours for parents might include after-school hours for younger children who cannot be trusted at home alone, evening day care or weekend and holiday day care. While a part-time day care service must undergo all the licensing and set-up of a regular day care center, it is less likely to overlap with the service provided by standard day care.

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