Why Do Parents Use Negative Discipline?


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Parents use negative discipline because of the immediate results seen with it. For negative discipline to be effective, there must be an immediate response following the behavior requiring the discipline. Parents must be consistent with any form of discipline to see results. They must also follow through with punishments.

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A parent who uses negative discipline does usually see immediate results because the behavior stops. The problem with negative discipline is that the behavior tends to come back because the child was told what not to do, instead of what to do.

The avoidance response occurs with negative discipline. This is defined as stopping a behavior to prevent an adverse outcome. The behavior stops, but the child never receives an explanation as to why the behavior should stop. The child may stop the behavior temporarily, but does not necessarily want to change. He just performs the "right" action because of the negative effects he feels when disciplined.

Negative discipline involves the removal of something desirable, and for this reason, it is also known as punishment by removal. Some examples of negative discipline include taking away a toy from two children who are fighting or grounding a teenager because he broke curfew.

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