Why Do Parents Like the Read to Me Website?


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Many parents like the Read to Me International website because it provides a number of resources for parents interested in reading to their children. The home page highlights the importance of reading aloud to children and offers various links to helpful information for parents and educators.

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Reading aloud to children at home serves as one of the most important steps to combating illiteracy. Children who are read to frequently are more likely to recognize letters of the alphabet, count to 20 and above, write their names and attempt to read on their own, according to the National Educational Association. To help parents read to their children more, the Read to Me International website features numerous resources, including recommended book lists sorted by age and topic, book-related crafting activities to engage children's imaginations, and additional reading resources to help parents and educators better understand children's literacy.

Illiteracy remains a large problem throughout the world, in both underdeveloped and developed countries. In the United States, one in four children grows up without learning how to read, according to Begin to Read. The Literacy Project Foundation reports that 50 percent of American adults read below an eighth-grade level. With 20 percent of Americans reading below the level required to earn a living wage, illiteracy has been linked to poverty, crime and other socioeconomic issues. Organizations such as Read to Me International seek to assist parents who want to help their children learn to read but are unsure how to get started.

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