What Is a Parenting Plan Template?


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A parenting plan template is a document that parents undergoing a divorce or separation use to determine the role each are to play in the custody and care of their children. This document is also known as a custody agreement.

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What Is a Parenting Plan Template?
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The parenting plan includes specific details for how the parents intend to divide physical and legal custody of the children. Unmarried parents can also use the parenting plan template to enforce an official schedule for parent visitation and other obligations. The agreement should include a clear visitation schedule as well as a schedule for how the children are to spend their holidays and summer vacations. The plan should include specific instructions for how to handle and negotiate any changes in the schedule. The custody agreement should outline whether the non-custodial parent should be notified or consulted in the event that a babysitter is needed. Parents can also decide how and when the children are to visit with extended family members and include these terms in the custody agreement. Parents should also include details regarding how and when the children can use the Internet when they are at each parent's home and the terms of the child's medical care, including vaccinations.

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