How Do You Pack for a Sleepover?

How Do You Pack for a Sleepover?

Pack for a sleepover by placing a change of clothing, pajamas, a comfort item, toiletries and a flashlight in a small bag with a pocket. Pack a separate packet with emergency information for the hosts.

  1. Select a small bag

    Use a backpack, a duffel bag or a small suitcase that is easy for the child to carry but large enough to hold everything she needs. Choose one with small interior pockets to keep the items organized.

  2. Add clothing for the next day

    Let the child select a comfortable outfit to wear the next day. Include an extra pair of socks and an extra shirt.

  3. Add pajamas

    Let your child select season-appropriate pajamas for the sleepover. Encourage your child to choose a comfortable pajama set, or purchase a new one for the occasion.

  4. Put a comfort item on top

    Place a small pillow, blanket, doll or favorite stuffed animal at the top of the bag where it is easily accessible.

  5. Pack the pocket

    Put your child's toothbrush in a toothbrush holder, and stick it in one of the bag's small pockets. Add travel-sized toothpaste, a comb or brush, and a flashlight for your child in case she wakes during the night.

  6. Pack a separate bag for the hosts

    Place your emergency numbers and any special information about allergies and medications in a large resealable plastic bag. Give it to the host parents when you arrive.