How Do You Find Out Your Place of Birth?


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Birth certificates are the most reliable source of information for determining someone's place of birth, according to Genealogy.com. Birth certificates may be ordered from the county or state where the person was born. Information needed to obtain a birth certificate includes the subject's full name and approximate year of birth.

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If a birth certificate is unavailable, other vital records may include information about a person's place of birth. Possible resources include marriage certificates, death records and divorce documents. County offices and libraries may provide computerized records of vital documents for easy online access.

Church records are another useful source of information. Baptismal records and christening records may be obtained directly from the churches where the events took place. Newspaper birth and wedding announcements and obituaries can also be helpful.

If traditional printed birth records cannot be located, consider reaching out to relatives for oral information. Older relatives may provide a rich and surprising source of family history. Alternatively, local genealogical societies may provide assistance tracking the data you seek.

With the advent of the internet age, sites such as Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com offer fertile resources for connecting with relatives. Consider joining one of these sites to connect with a global group of amateur and professional genealogists.

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