In What Order Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?


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Baby teeth, or milk teeth, generally fall out in the same sequence in which they arrive. The two bottom front teeth, which are the lower central incisors, fall out first. The top two front teeth, or the upper central incisors, follow. The lateral incisors, which are next to the top and bottom front teeth, are next. Then, the first molars fall out, and the canines and second molars follow.

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Baby teeth serve as placeholders for the adult teeth that come later. Thus, it is important to keep them decay-free. Caring for a baby's teeth starts with tending to the gums, even before the baby's first teeth come in. Wiping the gums with a soft, wet cloth at least twice a day, particularly before bedtime, keeps the gums free of bacteria. When the baby's first teeth come in, clean them with a toothbrush that has soft bristles, a small head and a large handle. A smudge of toothpaste that contains fluoride can also be used to clean the baby's budding teeth. Once the child is 3 years old, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste should be used. Parents should brush their children's teeth until they can hold and use a toothbrush properly on their own.

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