How Does One Teach Children Proper Handwashing?


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Teach children handwashing as a fun activity by washing hands together. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists five steps for effective handwashing: wet, lather, scrub, rinse and dry. Children and adults should use warm water, scrub to the wrists, including fingernails and between fingers, and dry with a clean towel, KidsHealth advises.

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How Does One Teach Children Proper Handwashing?
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Handwashing removes germs, which helps prevent diarrheal and respiratory infections. Some important times to wash hands are after using the toilet, before preparing food, before eating, after touching pets and other animals, and before and after visiting or caring for sick people.

Children can memorize proper handwashing techniques from the games, songs and other activities on ScrubClub.org. This website also offers a free downloadable teacher's guide.

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