What Is the Nurse's Goal When Treating Neonatal Jaundice?


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According to WebMD, nurses that treat neonatal jaundice strive to help the babies' bilirubin levels return to healthy levels. Babies who are slightly jaundiced do not require formal treatment. Treatment options for more severe cases include photo therapy and blood transfusions.

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For most babies, jaundice clears up on its own within a week or two after birth. The nurses assist with monitoring the infants' blood levels and feedings. Babies who are hydrated can have their bilirubin levels return to a safe level more quickly.

If photo therapy is needed, the nurse helps prepare the equipment and get the child ready. The nurse makes sure that the eyes are protected, before the photo therapy. Home health care nurses travel to patients' homes to show parents how to correctly use a photo therapy blanket.

The nurse administers blood transfusions in severe jaundice cases and monitors the blood's levels afterwards.

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