What Are Normal Bowel Movements for Babies Who Are Fed Formula?


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Formula-fed babies have tan, yellow or green bowel movements that are the consistency of peanut butter, according to WebMD and BabyCenter. Up to 1 or 2 months old, babies may move their bowels several times a day.

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Parents can become very aware of their baby's bowel movements, sometimes worrying about how often their little one goes, how much and what it looks like. It's very normal to be concerned about the baby's bowel movements, as they can hint at potential health issues. The concern may be more so with formula-fed babies, as the formula can cause bowel movements to change colors from tan to yellow to green. This is perfectly normal, according to WebMD. The consistency is also thicker than that of bowel movements from breastfed babies. However, if the movement is harder than the consistency of peanut butter, it may indicate constipation, as stated by Baby Center.

During the first couple of months, it is normal for the baby to go once a day or more often. After this point, babies may slow down to just one bowel movement every few days. This is also normal, but if the consistency of the movement becomes thicker or firm, it is a warning sign of constipation. When this change occurs in a baby's normal bowel movements, it is important to speak to a doctor.

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