What Are Nice Baby Names With Unique Meanings?


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There are boundless options of pleasing baby names with unique meanings; some interesting names are Solaine for a girl, which means dignified, and Nealon for a boy, meaning champion.

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When searching for names with associated meanings, keep in mind the name itself is likely to be uncommon and thus can be equally as unique as its meaning. The names below are just a sample of the unique and beautiful names for consideration.


Female Names

  • Amity: friendship
  • Kiba: protected
  • Betony: a plant that blooms purple flowers
  • Antonia: invaluable
  • Anjanette: merciful
  • Daelyn: small valley
  • Amara: grace
  • Reveka: captivating

  • Nia: purpose
  • Efemena, or Efe for short: wealth

Male Names

  • Fain: joyful

  • Tabbart: brilliant
  • Arch: daring, precious
  • Rowan: little red hen
  • Neo: gift
  • Amadi: free man
  • Rexton: lord or king
  • Arathorn: eagle King

  • Welkin: the sky
  • Makena, can also be feminine: happy one

When choosing the right baby name, it may be useful to narrow the choice by basing the decision on names of specific origins such as the female name, Asha, which is of East African decent and means life, or Daxton, which is of French decent and comes from the town called Dax. Whatever the choice, many resources exist to assist in the making the important decision.

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