What Are the Negative Effects of Beginning Day Care in the First Year of Life?


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According to Family Facts, beginning daycare within the first year of life can lead to a child having an insecure relationship with both his mother and father, as well as a higher risk for contracting both minor and major communicable diseases and more serious illnesses. For a child who is in daycare from infancy until he enters school, his risk of behavioral problems is greatly increased as well.

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Up to 43 percent of infants who spend 20 hours or more in daycare in their first year of life are classified as having an insecure relationship with their mother, according to Family Facts. For children spending more than 35 hours in non-maternal care, their relationship with the father is more likely to be insecure as well.

Children who were in full-time daycare from infancy to preschool are associated with higher levels of behavioral problems though grade six than those who did not attend daycare, according to Family Facts. When daycare extends beyond the first year of life, children exhibit poorer work habits, emotional health and peer relationships than those children who are cared for in their home by a parent. They are also typically more difficult to discipline and perform lower on cognitive testing.

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