What Are Some Names for Grandmothers?


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Some traditionally popular names for grandmothers include "Grandma," "Granny," "Gran," "Nanny" and "Nan." Some names that have become popular in the 21st century include "GanGee," "MayMay," "Go-Go," "Vanna" and "MuMu."

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What Are Some Names for Grandmothers?
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Choosing a name for your children to use for their grandmother is an important decision for every parent to make. Many parents choose to go with the traditional "Grandma," but other parents like to use something original and memorable. When the child has two grandmothers, parents often choose to give them each her own unique name to help the child distinguish between them. This makes the search for a name twice as challenging.

The names used for grandmothers (and grandfathers) vary worldwide based on language and region. For example, French-speaking people call their grandmothers "Grand-mère" when speaking formally and "Mémé" when speaking informally.

Some foreign-language names for grandmothers have been adopted by English-speaking countries. For example, the Yiddish term for grandmother "Bubby" and the Spanish term for grandmother "Abuelita" are both commonly used in the United States.

Some playful alternative names that are used for grandmothers include "Cha-Cha," "Abba," "Tootsies," "Peaches" and "PomPom." The comedian Joan Rivers chose to use the name "Grammy" to refer to herself when she became a grandmother, whereas actress Debbie Reynolds, from "Singin' in the Rain," uses the name "Aba Daba."

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