What Are Some Muslim Girl Name Meanings?


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The Quranic girl name "Wasiyyah" means "will," "behest" and "tenet" and is pronounced wu-see-yu. "Rabiah" means “fourth," "firmly set in place" and "stable." When used to describe the season of spring, "Rabiah" means “rainy" and “fertile." It is pronounced "Ra-Bi-U."

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What Are Some Muslim Girl Name Meanings?
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"Naylaa" is a Muslim girl's name meaning "bestowal" and "gift" with the figurative meaning "gift from God." It has the alternate spelling of "Nailaa."

Some of the most popular Muslim girl names include "Ayesha," "Fatima," "Mariam," "Aqsa" and "Saba." The name "Ayesha" is another spelling of the Muslim name "Aisha" and means "happily living." There are three pronunciations of the name, including "A-Ish-U," "A-Yi-Shu" and "Eye-Shu." Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammed. It is Arabic in origin and has the lucky number of seven, according to HamariWeb.com.

The meaning of "Fatima" is a child weaned off breast milk. Linguists of the Arabic language are unsure why this word is used as a name. Since it was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, it is regarded as a high-status name. Although it isn't a Quranic name, it is acceptable for Muslims to use because it doesn't have a negative meaning, as explained on QuranicNames.com. It is pronounced "Fa-Ti-Mu."

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