How Much Does a Babysitter Usually Get Paid for Two Kids Aged 3 and 4 Years Old?


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Babysitters make an average of $10 an hour in the United States. Age of children does not generally affect pay, though younger children often require more attention, which means higher hourly rates. For more than one child, rates are $2 to $5 per hour extra for each additional child.

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In large cities, the average rate increases by a few dollars. Other factors that influence how much a babysitter is paid include the age of the sitter, the time of day and whether the babysitter will have to transport the children anywhere. Any specialized training the babysitter has, such as training in CPR or first aid, is also worth a bump in pay. If the babysitter must cook meals for the children, an extra $10 per meal should be added to the total.

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