How Is a Mother Usually Described?

mother-usually-described Credit: Oliver Rossi/Stone/Getty Images

While the description of each mother certainly changes in response to that mother's nature and tendencies, descriptions of mothers tend to speak of their love and support. Mothers are typically described warmly and with great affection.

Each mother is utterly different and unique; her own temperament, psyche and life experiences drastically shape the way she relates to her own children. There is no standardized way of mothering, as there is no standardized female. That being said, mothers are typically the more nurturing parent. In more traditional homes, they play the role of the warm supporter and encourager, while the father is the provider and disciplinarian. This is precisely why descriptions of mothers tend to be so warm and generous

Descriptions of mothers often involve physical beauty, as well as endearing quirks and absurdities. Children pick up on these things from an early age, and they remember them forever. Descriptions of mothers may speak of the mother's role in the workforce, as well as her most gifted skills, but they tend to speak more about her familial relations. The maternal role is so important that it tends to truncate the way in which children think of their mothers. They have little concept of what the mother was like outside of her familiar relations.