What Are Some Money-Making Ideas for Kids?

What Are Some Money-Making Ideas for Kids?

Some ideas for ways that children and adolescents can make money are babysitting, car-washing, providing pet care services and starting a lawn-service business. These suggestions may not be suitable for children of all ages.

Babysitting for the younger children of neighbors is a good opportunity for children and adolescents to make extra money. The American Red Cross offers babysitting training classes both online and in person to help prepare kids for this responsibility. Having a babysitting certification increases the likelihood that adolescents are hired as babysitters. Children can also offer to be a mother's helper and get paid to assist with laundry, cleaning, cooking and running errands.

Kids can organize a neighborhood-wide car wash with the help of their friends. Very few materials are necessary to accomplish this, and it can be a fun activity for a hot summer day.

Children can provide pet-care services to their neighbors including daily dog walking, feeding and taking care of pets when neighbors go on vacation. Kids can also offer to water people's house plants or gardens while they are away from home.

A lawn-service business can involve lawn mowing, raking leaves picking weeds and shovelling snow. Kids can advertise their services using fliers posted around their neighborhood or go door-to-door and see if their neighbors are interested.