What Methods Are There for Locating People in the United States?


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Some methods for locating people in the United States include Google, Zabasearch and Facebook. These sites offer different methods for locating individuals, but each one is free to use.

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As one of the most comprehensive search engines online, Google is an ideal choice for locating someone in the United States. Often simply typing someone’s full name in quotation marks is enough to locate them using Google. Specifying other information, such as the person's current city, birth city or job, can also narrow the search results.

Zabasearch aggregates results from public records, making it possible to locate a person's home address, phone number and employment records simply by entering the full name. Users can search by the specific state of residence or perform a general search for a person’s name throughout the United States. Zabasearch is free to use, but the site offers expanded results for a fee. Ask.com recommends against paying for information on the site, as much of it can be found elsewhere for free.

Facebook is one of the most prominent social networking sites, making it a useful tool to locate someone. Users who know the full name of the person they’re trying to find are likely to get results using the site’s search feature. Facebook also allows users to search by email address or by broader categories such as high school, college or company.

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