What Do the McCaughey Septuplets Look Like Now?


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All seven of the McCaughey septuplets resemble their parents and each other. The siblings are thriving teenagers who celebrated their 16th birthday in 2013. In many ways, the septuplets are typical teens, who experience the same ups and downs as other teens their age.

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The four boys and three girls, Brandon, Joel, Nathan, Kenny, Alexis, Kelsey and Natalie, share a home with parents, Bobbi and Joel, and older sister, Mikayla. The McCaughey family members are close, and the siblings consider each other friends. The septuplets enjoy music, movies and hanging out with each other.

The septuplets each have their own individual interests and social friends. Some are experiencing love and have either a boyfriend or girlfriend. They are also old enough to pursue getting driver's licenses. The siblings are developing their driving skills by sharing a single car. One thing they do not have to share with each other is a bedroom; the septuplets can retire to their own rooms. The septuplets attribute their ability to get along well with each other to having a room to go to when they need breathing space from each other.

The McCaughey septuplets are the first of their kind to survive infancy. Nathan and Alexis have cerebral palsy.

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