How Many Ounces of Milk Does My Baby Need?

many-ounces-milk-baby-need Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

According to Simplisse, a 5-pound baby needs 12 to 14 fluid ounces a day, while a 20-pound baby needs 44 to 50 fluid ounces. In the first 6 months, a baby should feed 8 to 12 times daily.

According to Breastfeeding USA, a baby that is one to six months old does not need extra daily milk intake and continues to grow naturally on an average of 25 fluid ounces a day. Babies fed on formula drink significantly more milk than breastfed babies do. Mother's milk is not metabolized the same way as formula is, which means that babies need more formula to get the same level of nutrition. Mother's milk is also important because it contains hormones that regulate appetite, energy metabolism and sleep metabolism in infants.