How Do You Make a Timetable for Your Kids' Daily Activities?


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An easy way to create a timetable for your kids' schedule is by using Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software. Have one column represent times in 15-minute to one-hour intervals, depending on your kids' schedules, and list the days of the week along the first row.

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If your kids have packed schedules with activities that start at odd times, small 15-minute intervals may be better for your timetable. If your kid has more spaced-out activities, use half-hour to one-hour intervals instead. Display the days of the week at the top and exclude weekends if necessary to create a more compact and informative schedule.

Using the times and the days of the week, fill in the boxes in the middle with your kids' activities. If an activity takes up a large amount of time, fill in the boxes below it to take up the appropriate amount of time. Color-code the boxes to distinguish them from other activities in the week and to create a visually appealing schedule for your children.

Creating a timetable in Excel also makes it easy to change when activities are cancelled or dropped or when new activities are added. It allows you to figure out the best schedule for your child and allows you to plan your days and routes accordingly. Microsoft.com provides free tutorials on how to use Excel properly.

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