How Do You Make Reward Coupons for Children?

How Do You Make Reward Coupons for Children?

Creating reward coupons for your children is a great way to reinforce positive behavior you want them to repeat. Think of coupon ideas ahead of time so you can have them available to hand out whenever you catch your children being good.

  1. Choose good behaviors to reward

    Decide what type of behavior you want to reward in your children. It might be doing household chores, initiating kind actions or showing discipline in homework. Rewardable behavior might differ from one child to the next. If so, be careful to balance the behaviors and rewards assigned to each child to avoid any unfairness.

  2. Choose the rewards

    Again, the rewards may differ from one child to another. A child who finds himself in trouble often may appreciate a "Get out of time-out" coupon. Other children may appreciate a coupon they can cash in for extra time with a parent or a special outing. You may want to ask children to save up their coupons and cash them in for a special treat once they have a certain number of them.

  3. Design and award the coupons

    Hand draw coupons, design them on your computer, or use a ready-made template. Print them out, and keep them on hand.