How Do You Make a Preschool Bulletin Board?

How Do You Make a Preschool Bulletin Board?

To create a bulletin board that will educate and grab the attention of preschoolers, decide on a theme. Get all the necessary materials and have the children in the class participate.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Purchase fabric, craft glue, duct tape, construction paper, scissors and a pencil to create your bulletin board. Use stencils to cut out any shapes needed to complete the artistic theme of the board. If using letters or numbers for the board, purchase or make the paper cut-outs. A stapler may be necessary for attaching numbers and letters to the bulletin board. You may also need a ruler and decorative borders to give the board more visual appeal.

  2. Assemble the board

    Attach the fabric to the bulletin board along with the borders. Glue the letters or numbers for the bulletin board in their designated places.

  3. Help students contribute to the board

    Complete the bulletin board by allowing preschool students to add artistic touches. For instance, if you're creating a board about the fall season, help each student trace his hand on colored construction paper. Cut out the hand shapes and attach them to the bulletin board in the shape of a tree around the paper trunk you've created.