How Do You Make an Infant Feeding Schedule?

make-infant-feeding-schedule Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Flexibility is key during the first few months. Newborns need to feed every two hours or so during the first month after birth. Keeping your feeding time consistent is crucial to creating a feeding time schedule.

  1. Feed frequently

    Make sure to feed your infant as frequently as he requires. Keeping up with his needs will help you establish a regularity to his feeding.

  2. Feed in the same location

    If you make sure to feed your infant in the same location every time, he will learn that this location signals "feeding time".

  3. Feed consistently

    After the first month, you can adjust the feeding schedule from every two hours to every several hours. Remember to keep the location the same, as this is crucial for maintaining a properly balanced schedule, both for you and your baby.