How Do You Make Hand Washing Fun for Kids?


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Make hand washing fun for kids by using kid-themed soaps, singing songs while washing, and tracking good hand washing by using a sticker chart. Use a combination of these tactics to get kids on board with keeping their hands clean to promote better health. Allow children to select interesting shapes, sizes and colors of soap to engage them in this important activity.

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To ensure that children wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds, instruct them to sing their ABCs or another short children's song for the duration of hand washing. Pretending to fight germs by putting superhero or other cartoon stickers on soap dispensers to "fight germs" can also be effective in engaging young children in hand washing.

Have fun with smells by trying new soaps and trying to guess the scent. Keep children motivated to wash their hands by tracking progress through a sticker chart. For each time they successfully wash their hands, they get to add a sticker to the chart. Determine a suitable number of stickers needed, and associate some reward when the number is reached. Use rewards, such as playing a game, reading a book or spending special time together with a parent, to keep the game simple and inexpensive.

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