How Do You Make a Growth Chart for Your Child?

How Do You Make a Growth Chart for Your Child?

To make a growth chart for your child, paint a 6-foot long 1-inch-by-6-inch board in the desired color or design. Mark and paint long horizontal lines for each foot. Mark and paint shorter lines for the inch marks between each foot mark.

A 6-inch wide board provides plenty of room to paint the measurements and mark your child's height. Using a 6-foot length of the board allows you to track your child's height over the years. Adjust the size and length of the board as desired to get the look that you want.

Sand the board before painting to get a smooth finish on the growth chart. Wipe away any dust. Paint the board with at least two coats of base color. Let the paint dry between coats. Paint any designs you want, or add stickers to the painted wood.

Place a tape measure at the bottom of the board to get accurate measurements. Lightly mark the measurements with a pencil as a guide. Mark at least every foot on the chart. If you don't want to measure every inch, make marks at 3, 6 and 9 inches to mark each quarter foot.

Paint horizontal lines at the measurements. Use number stencils to mark each foot on the chart. Allow the paint to dry fully. Screw a picture hanger on the back side of the board near the top, and hang the growth chart on the wall.