How do I make a good babysitting flyer?


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To make a babysitting flyer, determine what information you want to include, choose an image that pops, print the flyer, and find the ideal locations to post or pass out your flyers. You may need a computer, design software or a graphic designer.

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  1. Make a rough draft of the flyer

    Decide what details you want the parent to know about you. You may choose to include your full name, age, years of experience, a photo and contact information.

  2. Write a headline

    Come up with an attention-grabbing headline. This should be in larger font than the rest of the text on your flyer. The headline can be something simple, such as "Babysitter for Hire."

  3. Include an image or graphic

    Make the flyer pop with at least one image or graphic. This could be a photo of you and a baby, or you could use a logo for your babysitting business.

  4. Design your flyer

    Write and design your flyer. If you're offering any special deals, include them.

  5. Choose a printer

    Search online, or ask friends for recommendations for a local printer. You may need to speak to a graphic designer or someone at the print shop to make sure that your flyer is print ready. Prices differ depending on whether your flyers are monochrome or color. Decide what type of paper you want to use.

  6. Decide how and where to distribute your flyer

    Make a list of places to hand out or post your flyers. Flyers posted at a local YMCA or an elementary school might catch the attention of parents.

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