How Do You Make a Genogram for a Family?


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The simplest way to create a genogram for a family is by using a program called GenoPro. Go to GenoPro.com, and navigate to Download GenoPro from the main menu. Download and install the program onto your system.

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  1. Insert family members

    A square icon represents a male family member. A circle icon represents a female family member. Click on one of these icons to insert a new family member. Enter every personal fact that you know about that person, including his full legal name, his date of birth, his occupation, etc. Click OK once you are finished.

  2. Link family members

    If the new member is a relative of another member, such as a son or spouse, you need to link him. To link someone, right-click on his name, and select a linking option. You can also highlight both names simultaneously before clicking the link option. This allows you to link an individual as a parent, a child or a spouse.

  3. Add social and emotional relationships

    To do this, right-click on New Individuals, and select either New Social Relationship or New Emotional Relationship. Add the personal information of the individual, and link the way in which he is related to the family, such as a nanny or a long-time family friend.

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