How Do You Make a Contract for Kids?

How Do You Make a Contract for Kids?

Creating a contract with kids helps improve behavior, as well as reading, writing and word comprehension skills. It also helps kids understand stipulations and contractual agreements. To create a contract, you need pen and paper, or a printer.

  1. Decide on the purpose of the contract

    Whether it's for allowance, pet care, responsibilities or behavior, a contract is best drafted with the child present. This allows you to walk him through what you're writing and what it means. It helps for the child to give input on the contract as you discuss it with him. Deciding and discussing the purpose of the contract gives your child a sense of involvement, justice and control, which leads to better compliance.

  2. Draft and sign

    After deciding on the contract, write the draft yourself, or let the child practice his writing skills by drafting it himself. Explain the importance of a contract and the implications of having his signature on it. Pre-drafted contracts are available on sites like KidPointz.

  3. Display and enforce

    When both you and your child have signed the contract, display it so that he sees it regularly to make sure that he remembers that he agreed to its terms. Enforce any behavioral rules or changes as stipulated by the contract.