How Do You Make a Cleaning Chart for Your Family?

How Do You Make a Cleaning Chart for Your Family?

To make a cleaning chart for the family, make a list of the chores, pick the most convenient days for cleaning, assign each member respective tasks and review the chart together. A cleaning chart is quite helpful because it assists in keeping each member responsible for the general cleanliness of the home.

A cleaning chart or schedule can be a good way to teach young people how to be responsible while taking off the burden from other members of the family. Use the following steps to create a family cleaning chart.

  1. Consider all the chores
  2. Think about all the chores that are to be performed with regards to cleaning. This includes washing clothes and dishes, taking the trash outside and vacuuming. Write down these chores according to their frequencies and the items required to fulfill each task.

  3. Decide on cleaning days
  4. Consider the days that are most ideal for specific cleaning jobs. Certain tasks may have to be performed on a daily basis such as washing dishes. However, there are a few that can be done occasionally such as cleaning bathrooms and taking out trash.

  5. Assign each member a day and a number of tasks
  6. Consider the days each member has free time and list the names against the cleaning tasks. It is prudent to factor in ages to ensure tasks can be completed thoroughly.

  7. Discuss the cleaning chart
  8. Call a family meeting and explain all the tasks to everyone. Let all members express their thoughts and come to an agreement regarding the cleaning schedule.