How Do You Make a Babysitting Kit?

How Do You Make a Babysitting Kit?

The easiest way to make a babysitting kit is to take a waterproof container and fill it with a variety of items, such as crayons, paper, books and toys. You need a babysitting kit and a medium-sized plastic container with a lid. You also need various toys and other items to fill your kit.

  1. Prep the container

    Wash out a medium-sized plastic container with soap and water. After washing the container, let it air dry before placing anything in it.

  2. Gather your items

    Add a box of crayons, a couple of sketchpads and construction paper to the kit. Add other toys to the kit, such as toy cars, dolls and books. You can also add scissors and tape to the kit. Organize the items in your kit to make it easier for kids to find what they want to play with. For example, keep all of the arts and crafts items together.

  3. Include safety-related items

    Add a first aid kit to your babysitting kit. Typically, first aid kits contain bandages, antibacterial gel, gauze and safety scissors. Keep a babysitting notebook in the babysitting kit that contains important information about the children you regularly babysit, including emergency numbers and allergy information.