How Do You Make Baby Burp Cloths?


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To make baby burp cloths, cut cotton fabric and terry cloth fabric into rectangles, pin and stitch both the fabrics together leaving a short hole on one side to turn the cloth right side out and clip the corners. Finally, stitch around all the four sides.

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To make baby burp cloths, cut a cotton fabric in bright colors and prints and a terry cloth fabric into rectangles of a desired size. Ensure that the size of both the rectangles are the same. Pin the right side of the cotton fabric to the terry cloth, taking care to match all the edges. Using a straight stitch, sew all the sides of the rectangle, leaving a 2 to 3 inch opening, preferably in the center of a shorter side. Keep 1/4 inch of seam allowance when stitching.

After stitching the sides, use the opening to turn the burp cloth right side out. Clip the corners of the rectangle to allow for smooth pressing. Use fingers to push the side edges out to give proper shape to the burp cloth and iron it.

Finally, sew all around the four sides of the burp cloth using a decorative stitch. A thread of a complimentary color can used for this stitch. Ensure that the opening is closed during stitching.

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