What Are Some Loving Words to Say to Your Daughter?

"I enjoy your company;" "I believe in you;" "I'm proud of you;" and "My world is better with you in it" are all loving things to say to your daughter. There are several more loving words and phrases to choose from. CreativeWithKids.com, AllProDad.com, and FamilyLife.com have compiled lists of kind and loving words and phrases for parents to choose from.

CreativeWithKids.com offers a list of 100 possible loving sentences a parent can say to their daughter. AllProDad.com's list is shorter, with only 10 options to choose from. FamilyLife.com lists 50. Each site has appropriate options to choose from. A good start is to find the phrases or words that appear on all three sites. "I believe you;" "I love you;" and "you are beautiful" appear on all three sites. These three phrases are unanimously declared loving words for a parent to say to their daughter.

While exact phrases or words may not cross all three sites, there are common themes in them all. Parents should compliment their daughter's ambitions, worth, and beauty (both inner and outer) to help her feel loved. In addition to these exact phrases, constant communication with daughters is a smart habit for parents to get into. They can start communicating with one of these loving statements.