What Are Some Locker Pranks?

Locker pranks include switching contents with another locker, faking notes from a secret admirer, coloring the numbers or hiding something frightening inside the locker. Other pranks may include leaving adult magazines inside the locker or gluing the locker shut. However, all pranks may get multiple students suspended.

Swapping the contents of a friend's locker with another person's is easy if you have access to both lockers. The secret admirer prank involves leaving a mixture of notes and mementos each day intended to leave the person excited and confused about who has a crush on him.

Another prank is to take a black permanent marker and to color in the numbers on the lock, which keeps the person from being able to easily open him locker. A simpler prank is to leave a scary mask, fake snake or other item inside a person's locker to scare him.

A more extreme prank involves leaving an adult magazine inside the person's locker in such a way that it comes out when he opens the door and embarrasses him. Alternately, supergluing the locker closed prevents access to it. All of these pranks run the risk of getting students into serious trouble depending on local school policy.