What Is a List of Interview Questions to Ask a Prospective Babysitter?


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When choosing a babysitter, consider what qualities and attributes are most important to you, and focus on those during the interview. Ask the potential sitter specific questions, and make sure to ask follow-up questions to ensure that the sitter you choose is the right one for your family.

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When the potential sitter arrives at the interview, start by asking basic questions such as the sitter's name, address, phone number and citizenship status. Also request the names and contact information of the sitter's references. After discussing basic information with the sitter, move on to more conversational questions to gauge the sitter's experience with children. Ask the sitter what activities he enjoys doing with children, and how comfortable he is with preparing children for bed. Additionally, ask the sitter what he finds most rewarding and most challenging about being a sitter, and whether he has ever dealt with an emergency while babysitting.

If you need a sitter with specialized skills, ask about those skills and how the sitter has implemented them in the past. Finally, end by asking the sitter about himself; what he likes to do in his free time or what hobbies he has outside of work. If you are interviewing a teenage sitter, it is appropriate to ask about his schoolwork, grades and other related activities.

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