What Is It Like to Be an African Parent in 2006 and 2056?


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Being an African parent in 2056 is expected to be completely different from 2006 because of numerous socio-cultural advancements and evolutions. As the two years are half a century apart, transformations in technology will likely be witnessed. Part of the difference stems from the fact that children will have access to advanced gadgetry and social norms that may deem them almost unmanageable.

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As the world shifts toward a more liberal approach, parents will not have as much say in what their children do. Children rights are fast being embraced. For example, parents in the past 50 years used to cane their children, but that has changed today. On the other hand, African governments have outlawed corporal punishment in schools. In this regard, raising children is expected to be more challenging and stressful in 2056 than in 2006. With a rising world population, humans are bracing for an expected rise in joblessness. This way, children may be inclined to engage in crime, further aggravating the burden of parenting. Being an African parent is already an expensive affair. Come 2056, the costs of basic commodities such as food, clothing and provision of shelter will increase as the world population increases. Economic empowerment of the continent may alleviate some of these problems.

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