What Are the Licensing Requirements for a Home Daycare?

licensing-requirements-home-daycare Credit: Miodrag Gajic/E+/Getty Images

The licensing requirements for a home day care vary among state, according to Child Care Aware, and the best way to determine what qualifications must be met to become licensed for child care in a private home is to check with the local Department of Family and Social Services for specific guidelines. Information is usually available at the official website for each state's office.

Child Care Aware explains that federal law mandates states to govern and monitor child care providers, and states must adhere to three federally charged requirements in their child care policies. These three federal requirements include applicable health and safety training for the plan or program, steps to control and prevent infectious disease and a safe building and environment on premises. As long as the state complies with these general rules, the federal government grants them the flexibility to create their own specific regulations beyond those basics and to set an acceptable community precedence for the in-home care of children. State Departments typically review child care facilities and private homes as well as care providers and the nature of child care offered. It is the State Department that determines and sets forth the licensing requirements for all child care facilities, whether in home or as a business.