What Are Some Lesson Plans for 3-Year-Olds?


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Lesson plans for three-year-olds should focus on language comprehension. Activities included in the lesson plan need to engage the children enough to maintain their attention and allow them to provide input.

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Visual aids and activities that children can do by themselves are important features of lesson plans for three-year-olds. These activities should focus on reaching certain cognitive milestones, such as being able to name colors, understanding the concept of same versus different, using their imaginations, being able to follow three-part instructions, counting, understanding the basic times of the day, completing simple puzzles and being able to recall parts of a story. Three-year-olds tend to ask why a lot, so lesson plans should take into account time for answering questions. These questions are part of the learning process that allows them to absorb new information.

Sorting activities are a great addition to lesson plans for three-year-olds. Sorting can be done with everyday objects, letting the child sort by size, color or other characteristics.

Singing songs is a good way to engage young children. Singing captures their attention and can teach them at the same time. For example, the alphabet song helps children learn the letters of the alphabet. Other songs can be used to engage the child in activities. For instance, a clean-up song can be sung while cleaning up toys.

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